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BTS’s legend Limb Bizkit – Rollin’ choreography and its intriguing story

jimin danger

It’s January from 2015. Big Hit shares the legendary choreography video below. The reason is important, we’ll tell you after the video. But first, let’s watch this unique choreography. J-Hope, at the center, totally reminds me of why he is the main dancer of this group.

Yes, why was this video posted by big Hit entertainment? Just prior to this video, there was a dance clash between BTS and GOT7 on New Year’s Eve MBC channel that connects 2014 to 2015. In that battle, during BTS’s performance, the cameramen had a terrible performance and put BTS at a disadvantage. Here, the performance of both groups is just below the bottom. Let’s present it objectively:

Since Big Hit’s boss is someone who defends his group, he shares the performance to enable objective assessment. This is the story of this video. Of course, it will not go unnoticed, seven years have passed, while the boss of Big Hit is still stands fully behinds his group, it is obvious how much GOT7’s boss Park Jin Young has taken care of his group. He did not promote them as they deserve for such a long time and at the end they had to part ways from him. Here’s a brief moment from GOT7 live performances that I can’t get out of without looping a hundred times, the guys are guaranteed to entertain:

So we salute both BTS, GOT7 and Bang Si-Hyuk, whereas we wish JYP to come to his senses.

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