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BTS V Surprise Birthday Party

bts v birthday

J-Hope and Jin are preparing a surprise birthday cake for Taehyung in the new BTS BOMB released on February 7, 2021 on BANGTANTV. The cake is very stylish, fresh blueberry and lilac color. J-Hope and Jin string the kindly gentle candles and prepare the cake.

It’s December 30, 2020, and V’s birthday party coincided with another shoot of BTS, and it turns out V wasn’t really expecting a surprise celebration. The celebration is so surprising that even RM doesn’t know about it. Immediately after Taheyung blows the candle, he comes to the tent where V is sitting. By the way, the tents are of black color, but the environment where the V is located is intended to give a warm atmosphere with a dim lighting. A candle is burning on the coffee table. V seems happy, although the colorful confetti J-Hope’s burst covers the room. Jin carries the cake on his journey between the tents and he starts to say, the distance is far, he grumbles: “V blow the candles right now, my arms are aching, I am 30 years old“. V carelessly wishes long things before blowing out the candles. Hahaha!

Jimin walks in and out of the frame sometime. We can’t see Jungkook around. You will watch for a fun 2.5 minutes.

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