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BTS V “BE Log” Ruined the Watchers

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A new video series called “BE Log” has started airing on BANGTAN TV. As far as we understand, every day a BTS member will briefly mention the memories from their BE album preparations under the name Be Log. The first “BE Log” came about with V (Taehyung). In the first scene, V is featured on the recordings of the song “Snow Flower” composed for the New Year and presented to ARYM. A red room and V is working on his song in all its simplicity.

In another scene we see V practicing. The training footage, including RM, has been watched over and over by ARMY with admiration. ARMY created “IM NOT OKAY” and “CLOSE THE GYMS” trends on social media right after watching these scenes. Popular hashtags of the day were “#VLog” and “#filmed_by_V”.

RM mentioned that he was training in 2020. He emphasized that he was trying to keep general physical changes to a minimum and that the purpose of doing so much exercise was that he could dance better. Though RM says drastically about his appearance, his fans point out that there is quite a difference in RM before and after the training sessions. It seems RM is not the only one who has been interested in exercise lately. It has been noticed for some time that there is a difference in V as well. V’s arms have grown noticeably.

V’s BE Log video has a very relaxing and warm atmosphere. We are looking forward to the continuation of the BE Log series.

If you want to watch BTS V “BE Log” images:

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