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TIME Magazine Announces BTS as “Entertainer of the Year”!


The TIME Magazine has declared BTS as the “ENTERTAINER of the Year “. The following phrase in the editorial written by seasoned editor Raisa Bruner clearly summarizes how far BTS has gone in the realm of global music sector:

BTS is far beyond being the biggest Kpop group on the charts; they are already the biggest band in the world, period

and continues:

… many other celebrities wanted to use the pandemic period to become more popular, but they failed miserably to achieve so. In contrast, BTS has made its bonds ARMY ever deeper. They found a way to connect their hearts and souls…”

Excellent costumes, cringe choreographies and stunning music videos … These are the must-have conditions for global success. It is true that BTS fulfilled all these requirements; however, says Bruner, it’s their sincerity that takes BTS one step further; that they expressed frankly how hard they achieved what they have achieved.

She highlights the group’s “activist vein” as another element that makes BTS “the BTS”. She underlines that even their 2013 debut song “No More Dream” was criticizing the social pressures in Korea.  BTS also takes a clear stance against any kind of “ social exclusion“. ARMYs in line with BTS, raised $ 1 million donation to the “Black Lives Matter“. They are great influencers.

The author argues that BTS members have such a strong bond with their fans for the reason that as they sincerely reflect the three core underpinnings of their message, which are “ kindness, bonding, and accepting (and loving) yourself ” fully into their lives. She underlines that BTS and ARMY feed each other spiritually. It is instrumental to make us remember that Raisa Bruner has conducted five previous interviews with BTS; so she knows very well what she is talking about.

BTS is a phenomenal music group, even a candidate for GRAMMY, but beyond that, she emphasized that “BTS and ARMY have become symbols of the change in the spirit of the times as well”.

Congratulations to BTS. The fact that they have motivated such a wonderful editor to write such a magnificent article clearly reveals the level of their achievement.

It is said that what has been done in the past is the guarantee of what will be done in the future, people are very enthusiastic!

Here is the editorial article of Raisa Bruner:


Here is the TIME’s Magazine’s BTS interview:

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