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BTS sang “Spring Day” in a different way at “You Quiz On The Block”!

bts quiz on the block

BTS sang “Spring Day” on tvN’s “You Quiz On The Block” show, but this time it is they made changes. While the band’s rappers RM, Suga and J-Hope voiced the vocal parts of the song, V , Jungkook, Jimin and Jin sang the rap parts of the song.

First, Jungkook sang the low-toned intro of J-Hope. As everyone knows, Jungkook is very good at vocals and has developed a lot in rap. Jungkook has successfully completed this part of karaoke.

V was on his lucky day because he sang Jimin’s vocal part. So V, who was already vocal, gave a voice to a vocal again. J-Hope sang the rap part of RM, another rapper like V, without a hitch.

But then things got messed up. RM and Suga tried to perform the vocals at high notes in the song, which featured perhaps BTS’s highest vocals. RM even made a statement on the subject in Weverse:

You Quiz… Why the “Spring Day” refrain ended with me. I thought for a moment what I should do. But I decided to fight head-on. Mhm. I will not back down from this fight. Yes, this is my melody. Jin hyung, I’m sorry I didn’t sing that well in my guide versions. LOL. Being on the show made me think a lot about different things. It was great to be able to look back at our past, talk about our present and think about our future. Above all, if ARMYs are happy, I’m happy too.

Here is the “Spring Day” performance we mentioned 🙂

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