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BTS RM Shared His Recent Muscular Development and Fat Ratio Target on Weverse


BTS member RM, the fitness phenomenon of the recent months, shared with us his recent muscular development and bodydfat ratio after his health check-up in his Weverse post today. He also designated his ambitious fat loss target.

Compared to last year, his body weight increased from 70.1 kg to 73.6 kg . All of this 3.5 kg increase is due to the muscular increase; new muscle tissue. Wow! If you say how much muscle mass gain of 3.5 kilograms in only muscular development; it  corresponds to the volume of 154 meatballs (weird comparison, but my intention is to let you visualize how much it is; please pardon me ). So it is a serious amount of muscle mass:

He said: “ I have seen the fruit of my concise and concise work, I am happy. I have been on a diet program for the last five days… my current body fat level is 15% and I target 10%. I plan to exercise for five times a week to achieve my goal. For your information, Jungkook’s body fat level is 10% (…jeleous). Ah fighting”.

The current body fat level of RM is a figure that ordinary people like us most possibly cannot see in our lifetime. The ratio it targets is legendary; as further lowering an already low fat percentage implies a logarithmic increase in difficulty. For example, if reducing a unit from 20% to 15% is difficult to one degree, then reducing it from 15% to 10% is perhaps four to five times more difficult than that. Fat also has a lot of volume for its mass. Take a look at the muscle and fat volumes in the same kg (image to the right compares 1 kg of meat and 1 kg of fat). So, reduction of a significant ratio of body mass in fat is a big thing.

Yes, after understanding how relative is the RM’s muscle building success and fat loss determination, let’s see what kind of “noticeable” change (observed by naked eyes) happened in RM recently.

Earlier this year, RM was like this before the Grammy Awards:

Let’s get to the final situation:

Yes, the situation is very clear from the photos. We congratulate RM and wish him a continued success.

We better open a (big) parentheses for Jungkook here. As we have learned from RM’s exposition, he has the legendary 10% body fat level. Jungkook’s both physical attributes and physical skills are top notch. We did get a hint of his level of fitness by observing his defined jawline just before the release of the hit song Dynamite (the jawline of the Alpha man!). Moreover, we can never forget his thin waist during the Dynamite performance in the first night of Jimmy Fallon BTS Week.

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