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BTS new photos: your will fall!

bts jungkook concept photobook

BTS shared high-resolution, good-quality, extremely charismatic photos. Let the night burn!

There are unscrupulous glances and pain in our lives. Like an innocent knife …

Another killer look … Look at the expression in the eye! He knows she’s beautiful. So cool.

Firing a missile from his profile picture …

Come one by one, we can’t breathe!

A real glimmer of hope …

The rapping angel …

RM is shooting with his eyes ..

The king! Fortune isn’t enough to insure those lips!

A charismatic pose that brings to mind V-cut poses.

Words are useless:

J-Hope is a especially attractive in this photo series, don’t you think?

Suga looks like a piece of art…

Let’s end with the prince. With the owner of the place!


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