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BTS Museum is Established (in HYBE Building)

bts bang si hyuk

Big Hit Entertainment moved to its new building located in Yongsan Trade Center. The location of Big Hit’s new building is very central and beautiful, with the front facing the Han river while the rear facing Namsan. The building has 19 floors higher than the ground and 7 floors below. This building is of the kind that can accommodate all artist groups and agencies owned by HYBE .

Another striking feature of the building is that all three floors in total are divided into dance practice rooms and the practice rooms work with the reservation system. Even BTS members are kept in this reservation policy.

Since there are too many brands affiliated to Big Hit, with its new name HYBE, this system is aimed to ensure a fair attitude. Related brands will also be able to use their practical rooms for a certain fee. This is because each of the other affiliated agencies is actually a separate company, so in the corporate structure, this can be considered an expected decision.

Two of the 7 floors underground will be a museum belonging to BTS. Since their first establishment in 2013, BTS’s recordings will be a museum where the awards are displayed. The BTS Museum is sure to be a place that fans from all over the world will definitely want to see. The entrance to the BTS Museum is planned to be paid.

Netizens shared their thoughts on whether dance practice / study rooms should be paid. Some netizens emphasized that the meeting rooms in their institutions are also paid. Some ARMYs shared that BTS directly contributed to Big Hit’s move to this new building and they should not be charged. There are even those who think BTS should have their own floor in the building. Don’t you think BTS’s separate practice rooms and even a whole floor shouldn’t belong to BTS? Maybe even a special floor with a private elevator for BTS. What is your opinion?

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