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BTS’s MTV VMA “Dynamite” Filming BANGTAN TV Video

bts dynamite

In the BTS video released today on BANGTANTV, BTS members are in the video for the performance of the MTV Video Music Awards Ceremony. First of all I can say that each member looked perfect in this shot. From head to toe, they all look very eye-catching and visually great in their suits, hair, and earrings. Here are some excerpts from the video:

Prepared for the shooting of this performance “Dynamite” shot for MTV VMA , the set was highly appreciated by BTS members. The set is big, the giant green background in the back is sometimes New York and sometimes Seoul. Repeating their performances over and over for the shoot, the members refresh their hair and make-up between shots and dry their clothes and sweat as below.

Shooting continues until the morning. If you’d like to see proof of how hard BTS put into their work and great visuals of BTS members, below is the BANGTANTV video:

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