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BTS members’ time to return to text messages

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When BTS members participate in a TV show called KINE MASTER, the conversion somehow comes to the  time to return to the text messages they write to each other over the phone.

First of all, they teased RM, who is often too late to reply to text messages. We learn that the average turnaround time is 3 days. Yes, you read it wrong, three full days!

If you think that three days is too long, then listen to this. At this point, Jin says that once he asked Jungkook for something with a text message and got the answer exactly one month later. Jin could not give any meaning  to the incoming answer as  he couldn’t link it to his original message over a month ago.

They are asking Jungkook this time: “Why did you reply a month later?”

Jungkook’s answer is so fun: “It was thinking that I already replied to the question. But then I remembered that I did not…

Why does a person think that he wrote something that he did not write? If a thousand and one thoughts are whirling in your head like Jungkook, that’s fine. However, realizing this after a month is a separate event. Then reply as if nothing happened. Divine Jungkook. You are full of surprises!

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