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BTS Members Can Enlist All Together

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There is talk about the possibility of BTS enlisting together in 2022. According to a report on April 21, a research analyst wrote about BTS’s enlistment: “BTS members are predicted to be enlisted simultaneously before mid-2022. Given the impact of pre-produced content prior to enlistment, it’s actual. The period without activity will be about a year. “ Under normal circumstances, the actual military service period in Korea lasts for 1 year and 6 months.

Last December, the Korean Ministry of Defense announced an amendment to the military service law that made elite individuals working in the pop culture and arts industry eligible to postpone their military service. If BTS is confirmed to comply with this law, BTS’s eldest member Jin may be postponed until the end of 2022 (our news on the subject).

Following the news, a source from Big Hit Music said “We have nothing to say to you except what the artists have shared” .

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