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What is the model of BTS Jungkook’s Car?


Are you curious for learning about the model of BTS Jungkook’s car? It is not normally possible to get the see Jungkook with his personal car. However, after his accident with his car last year, we had the opportunity to learn the brand and model of his car by the help of the Korean police’s administrative records.

Let’s first remember the saddening accident. On November 2, 2019,  Jungkook was driving through Yongsan district. Jungkook was involved in a car accident by colliding with a commercial taxi in Hannam neighborhood. Both Jungkook and the taxi driver were slightly injured (scratched) and received outpatient treatment. Later, Jungkook was hosted at Yongsan Police Station, admitting that he had committed a traffic violation that caused the accident, and expressed his sadness. Suggesting to compensate the taxi driver, Jungkook mutually agreed with the taxi driver and the file was closed. Details of exactly how the accident happened were also not disclosed.

Now returning to our topic, we learned the make and model of Jungkook’s car thanks to this sad accident. Jungkook has chosen a really stylish sports car.

Jungkook ‘s car is a black colored MERCEDES AMG GT 63 S and costs exactly $ 161,000.

Despite being a sports car, Jungkook chose a four-door model, which means that he wants his friends and loved ones get on and off comfortably.

Like the exterior of the vehicle, the interior is also very cool. Worthy of my lion!

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