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BTS Jungkook BE-Log Video Released!

jungkook painting

The fifth video in the BE-Log series comes from Jungkook . A new video series called “BE Log” started airing on BANGTAN TV as of March 2. Every day, the memories of a BTS member during the BE album are briefly mentioned with images under the name BE-Log. The first “BE Log” came from V (Taehyung), second from RM, third from Jin, fourth from Suga, and fifth from Jungkook.

“Dynamite” plays in the background in Jungkook’s BE-Log video. Oil paints that first appear on the screen. Jungkook is sitting in front of the canvas thinking what to design with his ARMY tattooed hand. Jungkook’s hair is platinum blonde so it could have been pulled about 15 days ago. It seems that every part of the room is covered in paint, making you think that this is a painting study room.

Jungkook’s canvas is not very big. He lined up yellow, red, pink, blue colors horizontally, and spreads them onto the canvas with the help of a brush.

Jungkook draws a tree in the middle of the picture. Jungkook applies careful brush strokes. Hair alone is gorgeous:

Aaaa …. Look what happened? A tree made of a big purple heart. It must be an ARMY tree! Jungkook’s hoop earrings are also in purple. He says I reflect what is in my heart. “This tree shines by itself. There is nothing near it. But it stays in place steadily. This tree always shines! You can come and look at this tree whenever you want.”

In the rest of the video, we see Jungkook painting again in “In The Soop”.

BTS Jungkook BE-Log Video below:

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