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BTS Jimin continues to be an Angel for Education


Jimin has donated a total of $ 99,600 to be distributed in equal lots in three years under the “Jimin Scholarship“. The scholarship will be awarded to gifted students studying in “Art” in South Jeolla region.

You see, Jimin supports both students in need and the future of the “art”. He’s a real angel:

As explained in our article below (opens on a separate page); he was very successful both academically at an High School in Arts, where Jimin won full scholarship for his being top of his class. He also continued his education as a beloved friend of all his male and female friends:

BTS Jimin’s High School Friend Shared Jimin’s High School Photos and Memories of Him!


Jimin was a person who attached great importance to educational achievements in school. We strongly recommend that our fellow student readers take Jimin as an example. Prepare for your classes diligently and raise your finger insistently like Jimin to answer the questions asked by your teachers:

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