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BTS “Dynamite” Radio Interview with BFF Quiz

bts dynamite

Following the release of BTS‘s new song “Dynamite”, BTS is constantly providing fresh news and images to ARMY through interviews and press conferences.

Today’s stop for BTS was US radio station SiriusXM Hits 1. In a virtual meeting with the show’s hosts Tony Fly and Symon, BTS MTV Video Music Awards nominations and their record-breaking virtual concert BANG BANG CON: THE LIVE was discussed.

There were fun moments on the air. To get to know BTS better, a Q&A part “BFF Speed ​​Round” was made. BTS members quickly answered questions about themselves. The first question was about the members’ pizza preferences. RM and Jin prefer Hawaii pizza, Jungkook and Jimin pepperoni pizza, J-Hope only likes “cheese” pizza. V and Suga prefer sweet potato mousse.

While most of us know from previous interviews, “Which profession would BTS have chosen without being an idol?” V answered by saying that he wanted to be a “farmer”. RM interrupted quickly and said “not a farmer.” In this case, V chose his other known profession choice “saxophonist”. J-Hope emphasized that he wanted to be a “tennis player” by hitting an imaginary tennis ball.

BTS was then asked to sing a song that they have heard frequently recently. Without hesitation, his friends sang Harry Styles’ “Watermelon Sugar” for Suga .

The fourth question was “What does BTS do on days off?”. RM said, “So … Snacks, sleep and Netflix. You should find us in a hotel or something” . ARMY,  BTS is working non-stop…

The last question was BTS ‘s preferences for coffee. Suga replied just iced coffee. J-Hope said only espresso. But his friends obviously didn’t think so. RM smiled, saying “No”. Suga joked, “you’re a liar.”

It’s nice to see BTS on the pitch again! We wish the interviewers could diversify their questions and we could learn more about BTS.

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