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BTS “Butter” Single Coming Out in May

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BTS is coming with “Butter”. The pre-sales of the song Butter, which will be released on May 21, 2021, have started. The trailer of the song features a yellow oil image with BTS’s emblem, possibly representing butter. First of all, the promotion of BTS “Butter” appearing on Columbia Record’s Twitter account was also broadcast on BTS’s YouTube channel BANGTAN TV. The butter image on Bangtantv lasts for about 1 hour. We hear sizzling fat sounds from the video. Judging by the yellow color and the sizzling, it will be a colorful and vibrant piece and we’ll get enough of BTS’s dances! It is said that Butter will consist of English words.

According to information from Big Hit, “Butter” will be a hit song that will mark this summer. It would have a calm but charismatic charm. Below is Butter’s BANGTAN TV video:

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