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BLACKPINK’S Little-Known Sad Songs

blackpink hüzünlü şarkılar

Curious about BLACKPINK ‘s little known sad songs?

BLACKPINK’s famous and catchy clips are usually consist of fast pieces, colorful costumes, and vivacious clips with lots of circular movements of arms and legs.

However, the band also has very beautiful sad parts. One of the two sad songs we love is “Hope Not” and the other is “Stay” .

“Hope Not” is a piece that really goes deep in our hearts, about the pain of letting someone you really love go. With the sad notes of the music, the touching voice and excellent interpretation of Jennie will truly penetrate you.

“Stay” , on the other hand, is a song written by the band members Jennie and Jisoo and written during the hardest times of the group. Jennie can’t hold back her tears every time she sings the track.

Shedding tears with a special sad piece sometimes offers the best remedy for our pain. We think both songs are very special songs.

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