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BLACKPINK “The Show” Online Concert Number of Audience by Country

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YG Entertainment shared new information about BLACKPINK ‘s first online live concert on January 31, 2021, “The Show” .

Fans from all over the world who missed seeing their live performance were connected live to BLACKPINK’s “The Show” concert. In order to attend the concert, you had to be a paid member of BLACKPINK’s YouTube channel. Approximately 280,000 people watched the concert live.

YG Entertainment shared the country distribution of the audience attending “The Show” online concert. The Show was watched the most in the USA, with a rate of 19.2%. The top three include the USA, Thailand and the Philippines.

The Show Audience Countries Top 12

1. USA
2. Thailand
4. Japan
5. Mexico
6.South Korea
7.Hong Kong
9. Indonesia
10. Brazil
11. Canada
12. England

Thanks to BLACKPINK’s “THE SHOW”, which holds the title of female artist with the most subscribers on YouTube and is second only to Justin Bieber, there has been an impressive increase in YouTube subscribers. In the weeks following the announcement of the online concert, BLACKPINK’s YouTube subscriber base increased by an impressive 2.7 million. BLACKPINK YouTube channel has approximately 56.8 million subscribers.

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