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BLACKPINK Rosé Overwhelmed Teammates with Gifts!

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BLACKPINK Rosé purchased “Saint Laurent” products for her teammates and gave surprise gifts to her team. BLACKPINK Rosé recently released its solo album and continues its album promotions non-stop. Focusing on her works such as album preparations and music video shootings, Rosé wanted to give gifts to her members who did their best and worked hard in this process. When the teammates who received gifts from Rosé shared the photos of the gifts on Instagram, Rosé posted these images on her Instagram account to thank them.

In addition to the gifts given by Rosé, the messages written by the team members and thanking Rosé for the sweet gesture are very sincere. You can read some of the messages below:

“Our Chaeyoung is so sweet. She prepared gifts for each of us. I was very impressed.”

“I’m crying”

“She has chosen gifts for each of us.”

“Chaeyoung is very, very sweet. I was very impressed by how he prepared everything carefully.”

Considering the prices of luxury fashion brand Saint Laurent, it comes to mind that Rosé has to spend a lot of money to thank her team.

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