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BLACKPINK Rosé Opens YouTube Channel “ROSÉ”!

blackpink rose

BLACKPINK Rosé launched her YouTube channel “ ROSÉ ” and released its first video. It’s been a week since Rosé’s debut solo album and debut track “On The Ground” was released. Rosé mentioned a month ago in a V Live broadcast she made on her birthday that she had plans to open her own YouTube channel and wanted to do so after her solo album. Rose’s YouTube channel and debut video opened a week after her first solo album was released. Rosé’s YouTube channel has 1 million followers as of now.

Rosé released her first video under the name “ROSE Interview”. This video contains footage of Rosé starting from her 5-minute childhood. The Interview video also includes Rosé’s views on her life and career. Rosé also presents her views on her first solo debut.

Rosé has been breaking global viewing and streaming records since her first solo album “R” was released. “On The Ground” broke the record for the most watched video for 24 hours.

Rosé’s first YouTube channel video “ROSÉ | Interview Film” has been viewed 2.5 million times as of now. ROSÉ | If you want to watch the Interview Movie video:

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