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BLACKPINK Lovesick Girls Dance Choreography Video Released!


BLACKPINK released the “ Dance Practice” video for Lovesick Girls, which is the debut track of their first  full album.

It was a bit of a surprise that they didn’t release a teaser before the actual video.

The hall where they dance must be their own dance practice room in the new YG Entertainment building. YG had made exactly eight such rooms in her new building, and named this one as the “BLACKPINK Dance Hall“.

The BLACKPINK members are both dancing and having fun throughout the video. They must be content with the huge interest and high rates of approval for their album. Of course, the positive energies are reflected on the audience. We need to open a parentheses for Lisa’s. The top piece grasps all the attention. The other striking aspect is Rose’s dance. She can easily be the main dancer in another group with this performance.

The designers of the dance choreography are Kiel Tutin and Kyle Hanagami . Kiel is the name behind the choreographies of ITZY, and they are known for their outstanding choreographies. There are those who claim that Kiel‘s performance of BLACKPINK is not as good as ITZY. However, one of the bands is composed of four, where the other is composed of five, and this will surely make a difference in terms of effective choreography design. On the other hand, those who find this choreography very similar to the choreography of  How You Like That are also in the majority.

I think choreographies of BLACKPINK could be more dynamic. For instance, I love the section in the video where the dynamism reaches its peak when other dancers enter the stage. You cannot get enough of this part. If you remember, this was also the case in the How You Like That music video, where the last scene was almost like a dance practice video, and a very nice dynamism was there. On the other hand, I really like the dance set-ups of Ice Cream, but unfortunately, the dance parts were too scarce and short in that video. I think it was a huge miss of opportunity not to record a dance video with the actual BLACKPINK members for Ice Cream. The animation just didn’t cut it.

If we return to Lovesick Girls, this dance video is definitely needed, as Lovesick Girls MV is a type of MV that mainly tells small stories and is a collection of dramatic scenes with scarce dancing parts. Enjoy!

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