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BLACKPINK Lisa’s Weird Question to the Intern

lisa youth with you

BLACKPINK Lisa , who is a mentor in the second episode of the third season of the “Youth With You” game show, made everyone laugh when the contestant asked the intern about her hair or not.

After the performance of the trainee Liang You finished, it was time for Lisa to evaluate the intern’s performance. Aside from the intern’s performance, Lisa had another weird question. When Lisa said “I don’t know if it would be rude, but I’m very, very curious” , the jury focused attention on what Lisa was going to say, including Li Ronghao.

Lisa detonated the bomb: “Do you have makeup on your head?” . Hearing the question, the intern Liang Sen was a bit stunned, because as you can see, he doesn’t have any hair. Everyone started laughing when the intern responded to Lisa with a smile. Lisa continued: “He looks so lively and bright. His skin looks smooth”

Liang Sen said that he has no makeup and his skin is what is normal. Liang: “My skin may be oily due to my long stay in the spotlight, maybe this float is shining” said. He continued: “Really no makeup, just skin oil look”

Lisa, upon hearing this, could not help herself and laughed.

Lisa’s question and its aftermath became one of the trending topics on Weibo and received over 2 million responses.

The video of these minutes of Lisa::

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