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BLACKPINK Jennie’s Diet and Fitness Secrets

blackpink jennie

Those who are curious about diet and fitness secrets of Jennie, you are wellcome.

blackpink jennie fit - diet

To start with, let’s have a look into the facts and figures I calculated for you:

According to their BMI, that is, their body mass index, those with a mass of 18.5-25 kg per square meter have a healthy appearance, that is, the ideal weight compared to their height. In the meantime, one should not confuse healthy appearance with general health, the other is related to health of the heart, psycho-social balance, etc. There are many additional different elements to define general health status. But what we are talking about is healthy appereance and Jennie seems to be in a better status.

As you can see, in the BLACKPINK group, Jennie is the only idol who can meet the criteria for having a healthy appearance. I personally care about what Jennie does about it.

If we look at the other group members; Jisoo seems to be not bad, while Rose and Lisa seem a bit too underweight. Below 16 falls into the extremely weak category and especially Rose with a value of 16.3 seems to be swimming in dangerous waters …

By the way, if you are wondering about your BMI, the link below contains a very useful calculation tool:

Before coming to Jennie ‘s strategies, let’s briefly talk about what her bandmates are doing in terms of sports and diet? Referring to Rose and Lisa, Rose says: “I pay attention to portion size, but Rose and Lisa eat a ton within each sitting; They don’t do any extra sportive activities either, I guess it is enough for them to keep their weight by dancing for a serious time as part of our job ”. Here is the proof for Rose:

It’s not just about dancing, in my humble opinion. There are many gym worms out there who cannot loose belly-fat no matter how hard they try. The scientific explanation for this may be that their metabolism are working very fast. Here is Lisa with her overwhelming temptation for the jelly-donut.

If we return to  Jennie ; like Jisoo , she says she pays attention to the portion size, but she says she does it even more seriously. Stating that she is always very loyal to her diet and sports, regardless of whether the group activities are on or off. Jennie emphasizes that she gets even more disciplined especially during the album promotion periods: “Even if my group mates are overwhelmed by foods and desserts that look extremely delicious, I eat my own oatmeal, I never mind what they eat ”.

As explained in the program at SBS Power Radio, which she participated in 2018, the other thing that Jennie pays attention to is the amount of salt she consumes. She is very sensitive to salt as it causes her body to retain water. In addition; she consumes avocado salad and drinks a glass of detox water every single day.

In terms of sports; Jennie is fond of pilates. As she explained on the SBS Power FM program, she loves to perform her pilates regularly in the morning and then she has a healthy breakfast. As all of practicers know well, Pilates is a challenging sport. It must help Jennie to stay fit and toned.

Another sport that Jennie is interested in is “flying yoga”, which we know her to do it since 2017. Jisoo is her partner in flying yoga. And they really fly by the way, as you can see with your own eyes:

Yoga is a sport and philosophy branch known for balancing both the body and the soul. It seems to work on Jennie too; Look how happy she is after yoga. Look at that big smile:

Thanks to all these strengthening sports activities, dancing as part of their profession and a balanced diet; Jennie manages very well her bodyweight. As you can see, she has a balanced and healthy appearance with broad shoulders, thin waist and fit legs, which are neither thin nor thick. It doesn’t make a long list of what she does; it has few but concise principles and practices, butn their implementation requires determination. It seems worth the result, what do you think?

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