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Big Hit Entertainment changes its name to “HYBE”

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Big Hit Entertainment will officially change its name to HYBE in order to become a more comprehensive company. Earlier in the day, ARMY noticed documents stating the change in Big Hit Entertainment’s company name. Big Hit Entertainment officially announced the name change in a report to the Korean Financial Supervision Service. Big Hit Entertainment will change the company name to HYBE Corporation .

The motto of HYBE is “We Believe In Music”. After the news was heard, #WhatDoYouBelieveIn became the trending headline on Twitter. In the past, Bang Si Hyuk said that the “Entertainment” company label no longer covers everything the agency has to offer.

We will be the world’s leading entertainment and lifestyle platform company. By removing “Entertainment”, we will have a new and comprehensive image as the public content group that is our mission.

In addition to the name change, HYBE will rent application rooms and auxiliary areas to its subsidiaries and other subsidiaries, so real estate has also been added to the business concept. HYBE lists the company concept as music production, performance, management and internet.

The general shareholders meeting will be held at Dragon City Hotel on March 30 at 09:00 KST. The general meeting will cover the renaming of the company to HYBE and the appointment of Bang Si Hyuk as internal manager. One of the changes to be made will be to change the company’s website from “” to “”.

What do you think about BTS’s agency name change? We think HYBE grows, BTS grows!

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