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ARMY Room designed by BTS Jungkook, Suga and RM

army room

@bts_bighit On the “BTS official” account, the ARMY room designed by BTS members has been exhibited by section since February 9. In the post on February 9, in the room visible from the doorway, the wall on the wall is referred to at 6.13, which means BTS’s debut date, June 13. What details await ARMY like this in the rooms designed by each member? Let’s examine …

The first published room designed by Suga . Suga attached a purple-covered bed to the room. Suga talks about himself as “Sleepy Suga”, and he has put a bed in the room 🙂 ARMY thought he should take a short nap when he got tired.

The next day, RM installed a bookcase with tiny shelves in Korean sabangtakja in the right corner of the room. On one of the shelves is a purple flower symbolizing ARMY. Sabangtakja adds spaciousness and wealth to the room with its open shelves. RM also designed a porcelain “moon jar” . Moon jar is a vase with two halves prepared separately and combined. RM says different structures are brought together just like people and he thinks the moon jar vase gives peace to the room.

On February 12, Jungkook made her own touches to the room. Two speakers and a goldfish. Jungkook says the speakers will fill the room with music. Heart-shaped bubbles come out of our fish. Jungkook is a cute idol! ARMY put a fish in his room so he wouldn’t feel bored and lonely.

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