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Are male Kpop idols’ legs hairless or waxed?

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You may notice that Kpop male idols don’t have a single hair on their legs. I wonder if Korean men are genetically hairless, or is hair removal, i.e. waxing, a Kpop style? Have you ever wondered about that? Let’s listen to the real thing from the experts.

Professional aesthetics and beauty experts Sukjeong and Jin of House Waxing  participating in the program on AYO channel, stated that they got their legs waxed!

Experts say that this method is used because hairless legs look better. They also emphasize that even if you choose to leave the legs hairy, waxing for a while makes the hair soft and thinner, so the legs look more aesthetic, even with hair. That’s why idols regularly wax them before their album / singles comeback, and leave them to grow naturally during the promotion period, so they have both a natural and aesthetic appearance.

Experts finally said that Kpop idols’ legs are beautiful without waxing, but it is better when it is done.

Here is the source video:

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