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April 1 Fools by ENHYPEN Ni-Ki

enhypen ni-ki

ENHYPEN Ni-ki made the best April 1 joke to the fan group ENGENEs. All ENGENE fan communities were also included in Ni-Ki’s April 1 fool.

Ni-Ki constantly shares his lovely dog, Bisco. He can be called in love with his pet. On April 1st this year, Ni-Ki posted a photo of her tiny puppy on ENHYPEN’s official Twitter account. Not only did he publish it, Bisco took over ENHYPEN’s account 🙂 Ni-Ki wrote under Bisco’s photo:

Hello I am Bisco


Ni-Ki couldn’t get enough of Bisco’s cute photo, and ENHYPEN put Bisco’s photo in the profile picture of his Official Twitter account.

ENHYPEN’s various fanbase and fan accounts could not resist this and joined the fun. All groups devoted their accounts temporarily to Bisco.

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