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A Talented and Handsome Idol

imfact jeup

We are talking about IMFACT Jeup! We saw that many idols are talented in painting and drawing. Have you seen such a talented idol in calligraphy? This male idol’s digital calligraphy works are very, very good!

He is also good at traditional calligraphy where he works with paper and brushes. He has an undeniable talent. Jeup has been interested in calligraphy as a hobby for about 5 years.

So what idol is behind these successful calligraphy works? The idol behind these amazing works is IMFACT member Jeup! Jeup continues his calligraphy activities under the pseudonym “Calliup“. He signs his works with this nickname. Not only is he a talented idol, he’s also fascinated by his own physical visuals!

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