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5 male idols with charismatic scars on his face

jungkook scar

We examined male idols with scars on their face. Did these idols suffer injuries that would leave scars on their faces because they were so mobile and mischievous as children? 5 male idols with scars that add charisma to their charisma:

1. BTS Jungkook

Jungkook has a classic scar on his left cheek. Jungkook’s facial scar is one of his characteristic features. The so-called reason for the scar is a struggle between him and his brother in struggling for a computer game.

2. EXO Sehun

The track on EXO Sehun’s cheek is long and thin. Maybe the cat scratched Sehun’s cheek when he was a kid.

3. SHINee Key

Key has a scar on his left eyebrow and has affected the shape of his eyebrow. However, this eyebrow shape also suits Key. There are also those who have their eyebrows drawn this way.

4. NCT Taeyong

It looks more like a stain than the scar on NCT’s Taeyong’s face. Although it looks very similar to the mark in the form of a stain, which is usually called a birthmark, it seems like it was caused by an injury when the scar located just under Taeyong’s right eye is examined. He privileged Taeyong’s looks.

5. NCT Haechan

NCT Haechan has scars on both eyes. I’m sure her mother was very worried when she injured herself as a child.

Do idols have traces of the past on their faces 🙂 We think all of them look good with their special traces.

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