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3 K-Pop groups that are potentially disband in 2021 😱

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Next year (2021) 3 K-Pop groups potentially may be disbanded. We are absolutely not ready to say goodbye to any of them!

In 2009, the Korean government created a new law limiting all K-Pop idol contracts to a maximum of 7 years. This means that each group that debuted in 2014 will soon has to begin contract renewal negotiations with their companies. If most of the idols choose not to renew their contracts, that could mean the end of the 5 groups is approaching. Do you think any of these groups may dissolve?

1. Red Velvet

Red Velvet debuted in August 2014, which means they may disband in August 2021.

Red Velvet

Some fans believe that Red Velvet members may leave their company when their contracts expire due to the lack of good solo promotions. But there is one thing ReVeluvs acknowledges – these girls have a close bond and are unlikely to break up.

Red Velvet

Technically, it’s rare that SM Entertainment disbands a group. However, once the members leave the company, their return will be very difficult. For instance, since Tiffany , Sooyoung and Seohyun left the company, ” Girls Generation ” could not make a comeback with their original 8 members (or in Kpop terminology, they could not make their OT8 comeback)

Red Velvet

As a detail, since Yeri did not join the group until 2015, her contract will likely not expire until 2022.

Red Velvet Yeri

2. GOT7

As GOT7 debuted in January 2014, their contract could expire around January 2021.

GOT7 has spoken openly about the “7 years of bad luck ” that most groups faced with. It stands for the risk of being disbanded in the seventh year or earlier.

GOT7 K- Pop

In an interview before last year’s “ Spinning Top ” comeback, GOT7 stated that they are not worried about bad luck. JB said it would be difficult for all members to progress alone without their teammates.

“All seven members share the same opinion. We plan to continue as seven members” said GOT7 JB.


Jinyoung said times are now changing and 7 years of bad luck have not existed. We have close sunbaenims (means seniors in Korean) working together for over 7 years, so will we go separate ways in 7 years? ” we never thought.


MAMAMOO made their official debut in June 2014, so June 2021 could be the last month the group will spend together.

Mamamoo K- Pop Girl Group

All four MAMAMOO members has already started their solo careers. Some of the members have published dozens of solo songs and collaborations with other artists. Below you see Moonbyul to collaborate with Seulgi from Red Velvet.

Mamamoo Seulgi yakın arkadaşı Moonbyl Selfish

Last year, Hwasa shook a lot with her song “Twit“, which reached number 1 on the Gaon chart.

Some K-Pop fans think the members can leave RBW to focus on their music. Others believe that the members have no reason to leave their band or company in the future, as they are successful as a bandas well as with their solo acts.

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Comments (18)

  1. Avatar
    1 week ago

    I think this is not real because thay did a song called breath…… or I’m wrong I’m confused bye… q

  2. Avatar
    1 week ago

    Got7 don’t disband PLEASE I’m crying. OMG Help

  3. Avatar
    1 week ago

    I’m so sorry for Got7 I hope Jackson wang has a happy family in the future. Love you Got7

  4. Avatar
    1 week ago

    I’m so sad for GOT7

  5. Avatar
    3 weeks ago

    I am 100 present that its not true got7 will disband at 2027 and redvelvet will disband in 2023 like blackpink and mamamoo will never disband like when they get so old they will disband maybe so ya bye

  6. Avatar

    Please we need got7 please no need to disband because now only they are very famous please don’t disband them !

  7. Avatar

    Why south korean government do this this is so sad these 3 groups should never disband

  8. Avatar

    Im so so so so so so so sad to see this i will cry until 2022

  9. Avatar

    Excuse me what!
    Red velvet and mamamoo are not disbanding
    your problematic to say that and u make apsept

    • Bilge Öztürk
      1 month ago

      It is only a potential. But we cannot be sure that they won’t. The rumors were like that when we wrote this article and today these two groups are still the two groups that have the greatest potential to disband (other than IZ*ONE, which is already scheduled to disband). Red Velvet was announced to make a comeback but as of today it seems that they are postponing it.

      I really, deeply love both groups. Red Velvet has been a revolutionary group and if they disband it would be a trauma for me. In terms of MAMAMOO, I don’t know, those girls can have spectacular solo careers, which may trigger them to disband. Seven-years curse unfortunately a strong tendency. I hope both stay together, but as of now, they still carry the risk…

  10. Avatar

    Bts Is 7 years but not Disbanded unpair

  11. Avatar
    2 months ago

    Bts Is 7 years but not Disbanded unpair

    • Avatar

      BTS renewed their contract this year, you will not see them disbanding soon you pathetic anti

  12. Avatar

    WTF? i just wanna see red velvet for 10 years next together! they grew and make new concept in kpop. what the hell is this news?

  13. Avatar
    3 months ago

    omg so sad

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