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14 moments that showed BTS’s Jimin and Jungkook being real friends

BTS'ten Jimin ve Jungkook'un Gerçek İki Dost Olduğunu Gösteren 14 An

As all BTS fans and ARMYs know, BTS Jungkook has produced a lot of sweet memories on camera while he is annoying his close bandmate Park Jimin. We gathered together the 14 brotherly moments of 2 BTS members.

1- Jimin and Jungkook Singing Together

in BTS Performance of Century Girls:

Jimin and Jungkook have fun together even on stage.

2- Jimin’s Pissing Jungkook Behind The Scenes

Jimin having fun behind the scenes by pissing Jungkook


3- Jungkook’s Having Fun by Watering Jimin

Jungkook Wets Jimin by Throwing Water on Jimin.

4- Jungkook Hitting Jimin with his Boxing Gloves Fun

Joking Jungkook Jimin by hitting him with his boxing gloves

5- Jungkook’s Jimin on His Back Without a Voice Carrying

Jungkook carrying Jimin on his back at the venue

6- Jungkook, Jokingly Pushing Jimin When Hugged

Jungkook, when Jimin hugged, he pushed him laughing

7- Jungkook Jimin’s Dizzy and Laughing

Jungkook making Jimin turn his head so much that he laughed

8- Although Jungkook Beats Jimin in Arm Wrestling Both Laughs

2 friends laughed together despite Jungkook beating Jimin in arm wrestling in a show

9- Jimin’s Mixing Dance in Fire MV and The Two Together Laughing

10- Jungkook’s Modeling Jimin’s Hair with Palm Made for Babies

Jungkook making Jimin look like a baby by making a palm pattern

11- Jimin’s Jokes in a Funny Way in Jungkook’s ‘Blood Sweat And Tears’ MV

Jungkook Jimin making fun of Jimin doing the dance part in ‘Blood Sweet And Tears’

12- Jungkook’s Teasing of Jimin’s Height

Jungkook, knowing Jimin is shorter than himself, having fun with that side

13- Jungkook’s Massaging on Jimin

Jungkook massaging Jimin and Jimin enjoying it very much

14- Jimin’s Gesture During Jungkook’s Photo Shoot Making Jungkook Laugh

Jungkook who couldn’t stop laughing during a photo shoot with Jimin’s funny moves…

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